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Bushfire Hazard Assessment, Risk Reduction & Planning Approval Services


Wollemi Eco-Logical specialises in Industry-leading Bushfire Hazard Assessment, Risk Management Planning, & Reports targeted to achieving Planning Approvals throughout South East Queensland.

Our Specialist Bushfire Services Include: 

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment

We determine the Building Construction Standards required for your build, in accordance with the Australian Standard (AS3959, 2018) – Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-prone Areas. This assessment is based on the classification of hazardous vegetation, slope and separation distances to your development.

We offer both Method 1 & Method 2 BAL assessments:

  • Method 1 – is a simplified method of assessment, suitable for most sites where not constrained by steep slopes and limited setbacks to vegetation.
  • Method 2 – is a detailed assessment and calculation, based on vegetation fuel load, specific slope and required setbacks to achieve each BAL rating. A Method 2 BAL is required on steep slopes (>20 degrees) and is recommended where limited setbacks to hazardous vegetation is apparent

“We work with you to provide the most suitable, cost-effective options to meet the needs of your Project. With degree qualifications in ecology, we are best placed to accurately classify vegetation. Don’t fall into the trap of paying for a substandard BAL assessment. This can result in a higher than required BAL rating, which will cost you thousands in additional planning requirements and time delays'” 

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Bushfire Hazard Assessment (BHA)

We provide Site Specific Bushfire Hazard Assessments to verify the designated Bushfire Hazard Mapping for your site. This assessment is suited to inform your development layout, location and design, and can be used by Councils to update their Bushfire Mapping.

We utilise industry best-practice methodologies, in accordance with the Queensland State Government Single State Planning Policy (SPP, 2017) the Australian Standard for Construction in Bushfire Prone Areas (AS3959, 2018), and relevant Local Council Planning Scheme Policies and Bushfire Hazard Overlay Codes. We accurately assess the potential bushfire hazard to your project, and provide professional, detailed reporting to support your planning applications, and to inform Bushfire Risk Mitigation requirements.

Bushfire Management Plans (BMP)

Bushfire Management Plans provide detailed advice on Bushfire Hazard & Risk Mitigation options in order to manage the bushfire risk to people and property and demonstrate compliance with your Local Council planning scheme requirements.

This is triggered where a Bushfire Hazard Assessment confirms the proposed development is within a Medium, or higher, Potential Bushfire Hazard Area, or when requested by Council or a Building Certifier, to demonstrate compliance with Councils Bushfire Code.

This detailed report, references best-practice Bushfire Hazard Assessment methodologies (see above), and details Bushfire Risk Mitigation Measures required to appropriately reduce the bushfire hazard acting on a development, and to demonstrate compliance with the Local Council Planning Scheme Requirements. This report is generally required to accompany Development Applications in Bushfire Prone Areas, in order to demonstrate to Council that the proposed development is appropriate for, and that the development is suitably designed, supported, equipped and serviced for the bushfire hazard posed to the development, to ensure the safety of people and property in the event of a bushfire emergency.

Due Diligence / Pre-Purchase Assessment & Advice

Whether you are considering purchasing a block of land, or undertaking a development such as a Material Change of Use (MCU) or Reconfiguration of a Lot (RoL), and have a Bushfire Hazard Overlay, know the implications for your development prior to purchase!

We specialise in providing quick, cost-effective preliminary Bushfire Hazard assessment and advice, tailored to your needs, to detail the likely implications of Bushfire Hazard on your proposed development.

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    All reports prepared by Environmental Management Specialist with over 20 years working knowledge of SEQ Vegetation Communities, Ecosystems, and Risk Mitigation Planning, with extensive experience in Bushfire Planning & Design in SEQ.